In John 10:22-30 Jesus gives a lesson to the religious leaders of His time and to us today as well. They ask for proof that He is the Messiah, some perhaps honestly inquiring, but many only trying to trap Him that they might bring charges against Him. Does this sound familiar? How often do we ask Jesus to prove Himself in order to make us believe?

Like the religious leaders to whom Jesus spoke, we also are guilty of asking and listening only to be able to accuse others and make ourselves seem righteous. We see it happening in our institutions, but if we are honest, it occurs in many small ways in our daily lives. Jesus calls us to believe in Him because of who He is and what He offers us. We must hear His voice and know we are to follow.

In addition, Jesus calls us to listen with love to the concerns of others, even if their problems are not ours; even if we disagree with them. We will never know what they experience if we don’t pay attention, and we can’t expect them to hear us if we don’t hear them.

Loving Lord, You hear the prayers of all Your children. Help us to hear the call You place on our lives, to listen and learn from each other that we may live together in the world You have given us. Bless us to be patient with each other and share Your grace always. Amen.

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