Our scripture this morning is Psalms 68:19-20.

Praise the Lord; praise God our savior! For each day He carries us in His arms. Our God is a God who saves! The Sovereign Lord rescues us from death.

David wrote this psalm of praise and thanks nearly a thousand years before the coming of Jesus, yet his words speak to the ultimate saving power of God through Christ’s sacrifice for us. It tells of God’s unending love for us, that “each day He carries us in His arms”. God is always there for us when we call.

God didn’t create the world and then leave us on our own. He gave us the capability to choose for ourselves, but He has never abandoned us. He is present everywhere, in everything we do.

When we repent of our wrongdoing and turn to Him in faith, “the Sovereign Lord rescues us from death”. Our maker and redeemer is there for us as He has always been. May we accept the blessing He promises and go in His name to share His love.

Gracious God, without You we have no hope. Help us to give up the things that lead us astray, and live with You eternally. Amen.

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