Our Easter Vigil reading is 1 Peter 4:1-8.

Therefore, since Christ suffered as a human, you should also arm yourselves with his way of thinking. This is because whoever suffers is finished with sin. As a result, they don’t live the rest of their human lives in ways determined by human desires but in ways determined by God’s will. You have wasted enough time doing what unbelievers desire—living in their unrestrained immorality and lust, their drunkenness and excessive feasting and wild parties, and their forbidden worship of idols. They think it’s strange that you don’t join in these activities with the same flood of unrestrained wickedness. So they slander you. They will have to reckon with the one who is ready to judge the living and the dead. Indeed, this is the reason the good news was also preached to the dead. This happened so that, although they were judged as humans according to human standards, they could live by the Spirit according to divine standards. The end of everything has come. Therefore, be self-controlled and clearheaded so you can pray. Above all, show sincere love to each other, because love brings about the forgiveness of many sins.

Holy Saturday (the Easter Vigil) is a time of keeping watch for the people of God. The disciples hide in a locked room, fearing what happened to Jesus may happen to them. The authorities place a guard on the tomb where Jesus was laid (Matthew 27:65-66).

Writing later, Peter tells us that as Jesus suffered for us, we should prepare ourselves for suffering as well. The world does not share our hope in the resurrection, instead it opposes the fact and would convince us to live our lives pleasing ourselves instead of pleasing God. Jesus warned that we would face persecution for our faith in Him.

Instead, we wait for the miracle we can scarcely believe will occur. Oh we of little faith! We have Christ’s promise that can never fail. He will return in glory to share the blessing of salvation He has won for us and by His grace we wait patiently.

Loving Lord, help our unbelief. We are weak but through Your strength and care, we can be restored to the Creation relationship God intends. Bless us to wait and watch for Your resurrection. Amen.

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