Our scripture this week is Matthew 22:23-33.

“That same day the Sadducees, who say there is no resurrection, came to him with a question. “Teacher,” they said, “Moses told us that if a man dies without having children, his brother must marry the widow and raise up offspring for him. Now there were seven brothers among us. The first one married and died, and since he had no children, he left his wife to his brother. The same thing happened to the second and third brother, right on down to the seventh. Finally, the woman died. Now then, at the resurrection, whose wife will she be of the seven, since all of them were married to her?” Jesus replied, “You are in error because you do not know the Scriptures or the power of God. At the resurrection people will neither marry nor be given in marriage; they will be like the angels in heaven. But about the resurrection of the dead—have you not read what God said to you, ‘I am the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob’? He is not the God of the dead but of the living.” When the crowds heard this, they were astonished at his teaching.”

The Sadducees fail on several levels in their debate with Jesus. They propose an outlandish situation involving a practice little used even in that time, and ask for a response that can only support their position. Jesus doesn’t stumble over the question but answers them honestly and without anger at their deception.

He does mention that they don’t understand the Scripture they claim to know and goes on to explain their error to them. How often do we come to Jesus with wrong preconceived understanding? Do we ask Him to support our arguments against others before praying for discernment to determine if we are correct? Do we vilify those who oppose us rather than speak with love and reconciliation as He taught?

Jesus wants us to see each other as God sees us, beloved children created with a purpose. Even when we disagree about earthly matters, it doesn’t change our heavenly origin or His love for us. He has placed a call on all our lives that must be our primary goal – love Him, love others, and share His truth with the world.

Gracious God, we find so many ways to be in conflict with each other! Help us to remain calm in our interactions, treating each other with the love You have placed in each of us. Amen.

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