Our scripture this week is John 10:1-10.

When he has brought out all his own, he goes on ahead of them, and his sheep follow him because they know his voice. But they will never follow a stranger; in fact, they will run away from him because they do not recognize a stranger’s voice.” Jesus used this figure of speech, but the Pharisees did not understand what he was telling them. John 10:4-6

The comparison of Jesus to the shepherd is completely correct – He has come to go ahead of us and lead us. The assumption that we are His sheep is also true and comforting in one sense, but not very flattering. Sheep aren’t known as bright creatures and without a shepherd to lead and guide them they often get into trouble.

The analogy doesn’t get any better for us. Jesus says “his sheep follow him because they know his voice”, and we are guilty of not always following Him, indicating in some cases we are not even as smart as sheep! This is part of the reason Jesus lectures the Pharisees about their leadership, that they have failed to guide their wandering people.

Jesus wants to lead every one of us safely to the joy of salvation and eternal life. There is no other way but through Him. All we must do is hear His voice and follow.

Loving Lord, we are willful and stubborn sheep, often going into danger through our foolish choices. Help us to knowYour voice and follow that we may be part of Your flock forever. Amen.

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