4/10/20 Good Friday

Our scripture for Good Friday is John 18:1-19:42, a long passage that is difficult to read or hear, because it documents our failure as humans to accept Christ when He came for us. It tells of His suffering and death in order to save us from our sin and our ungratefulness. I encourage you to read it today to be aware of the seriousness of our wrongdoing and the righteous sacrifice Christ offered for us.

Now it’s easy to say “we weren’t there, it wasn’t us” but if we are truthful with ourselves and each other, we know that we are as guilty as those who watched. When we have not cared for the last, the least and the lost among us, we have abandoned Him. When we have not shared His love in the world, we have cried “Crucify Him!” and when we do not follow His teachings, we follow the jeering crowd to Calvary.

Jesus knows our weakness and even in His torment, He asks “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do” (Luke 23:34). We can’t forgive each other for petty offenses, but Christ forgave the sin of the whole world! May we weep with those at the foot of the cross, knowing the One who loved us best has died for us.

Lord Jesus, we are sorry for the evil we do. Help us to see that You have freed us from sin and it no longer holds us. By Your love, we have been saved. Amen.

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