1. Dear Pastor Doug, I loved this sermon. I have a question that I have worried about my whole life. I have always believed in God and I try to do things to help others. My question is this ‘ I have always heard that being ugly is a sin. Since I am ugly, what does God think? Am I actually a horrible person and that’s why I was born this way? I pray that I am not’ God bless you for doing this.

    1. Nancy, God made all of us differently, it is His intent for us. We are gifted in various ways but our appearance is a difficult subject. I have always wanted to be taller, have a smaller nose, and now to be thinner. I believe that God shakes His head when we get wrapped up in our physical appearance and that of others. He knows that our appearance is not how we truly are and most certainly not as a result of sin. While we may not appreciate how God made us in our earthly lives, we know that through our faith and trust in Him we will all be made perfect in eternity. Prayers and blessings!

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