Our scripture this week is Matthew 1:18-25.

A young couple starting out together has problems to deal with no matter what. Mary and Joseph had larger issues than any husband and wife before – being the earthly parents of the Messiah. The scriptures give us the details of their being told this, but not what happened in between, how they felt or how they changed.

Obviously they both said yes to God’s call and we know that is a huge change in itself. We also know they were like us, human and prone to misgivings and doubt. Whatever they experienced, we know they were faithful to the promise they had made to God and even in a difficult situation they persevered. Who can imagine the journey to Bethlehem in that time with her expecting a child and essentially camping out during the delivery!

Scripture often leaves out details we’d like to know, but God is telling us those are not the important part of the lesson. We can “fill in the blanks” knowing their experience was much like our own. The point being made is they were like us but even with everyday problems and their larger issues, they obeyed God.

So what’s our excuse? How do we avoid our call by being busy? I’m sure Mary and Joseph were busy too but they found a way to be faithful and do their part in God’s plan. They found their lives changed by saying “yes” and we can too! We may not be called to a task as awesome as theirs but God has something in mind for everyone of us.

Loving Lord, you call everyone to a relationship with You and a part to play in Your creation. When we waiver in fear or frustration, be with us to make us strong in Your love and ready to share it with everyone. Amen.

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