Our scripture this week is Matthew 24:36-44.

In this passage we are taught that being ready for Christ’s return is part of our faith journey. We are told to keep His commandments and believe His promise to come back for us. If we sincerely follow Him, we will be ready when that day comes.

It is a human thing to want to know about things. We think if we know about something we can control it. We want to know when He will return, what will it be like for those who are left, is there an easier way. Jesus tells us we can’t begin to understand and that only God knows the date and time. Suppose we were told a tornado will strike at 3 pm tomorrow and how things will implode and blow away with great destruction. Does that make us any better prepared? If we know what to do, we’re not listening to the sensational report, we’re getting ready…and if we don’t know what to do, the sensational report does us no good at being ready.

If we put as much thought and effort into obeying Jesus, sharing His love, and being ready for that day as we do into wild speculation about what will happen and when it will occur, we would be ready without worrying about the details. Jesus says “if you love me you will keep my commandments” (John 14:15) and that’s what we should be focused on in order to be prepared when He returns as He promised.

Loving Lord, we are always looking at the details that don’t matter, wanting to try to change what needs to be done. Help us to pay attention to what is most important – our relationship with You and sharing that love with all the world. Amen.

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