Our scripture this week is Luke 20:27-38.

During His discussion with the Sadducees in this passage, Jesus teaches us several valuable lessons. He shows us how to respond in love when we encounter those with contrary beliefs. He shares that eternal life will not be like earthly life and that no human comparisons can explain how wonderful it will be. Finally, He promises us there is a resurrection for those deemed worthy.

At the beginning of this reading the Sadducees ask Jesus an involved but outlandish question to try to trap Him regarding the resurrection. Jesus could have responded angrily to their tactics or attacked them personally in retaliation. Instead, He listened to their question and answered in a way that taught about eternal life without directly shaming those who had asked. We would do well to follow His example of hearing those with whom we disagree and giving only a loving, factual reply, even when provoked.

The Sadducees primary error in their question to Jesus is assuming that eternal life will be like what we experience here on earth. Jesus tells them that the age to come will be much different, that we will have resurrection bodies made perfect by God’s love and we will live in God’s presence forever. Human understanding is incapable of describing the wonder we will experience then, and using earthly examples only confuses the issue.

Jesus says”those who are considered worthy of taking part in the age to come”, indicating that there are conditions for being included in the resurrection. We know what Jesus has called us to do – love God, love neighbor and make disciples. If we are focused on these tasks, using the gifts God has given to accomplish them, we are working for the kingdom and can expect God’s mercy and blessing when the last day comes. Jesus calls us all to be part of the resurrection, and He shows us the way into eternal life.

Loving Lord, we are weak when we act alone, but strong when we accept Your grace and go to do the work You have for us. Help us to share Your truth with others, especially in difficult circumstances. Amen.

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  1. These words are so helpful to me since my husband’s death. I know that he now has a new body and the pain and illness he suffered are no more. It is comforting to me that he is with God and is a new being in heaven.

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