Our scripture this week is Luke 18:9-14.

To some who were confident of their own righteousness and looked down on everyone else, Jesus told this parable:
Luke 18:9

Jesus has an important lesson about how we see ourselves and others. The telling part of this verse is “and looked down on everyone else”. When our faith becomes overconfidence, we have lost the meaning of our relationship with God.

Too often our idea of self control veers from avoiding bad thoughts and actions to “I myself am in control” and that is where we fall into sin. We let our pride overrule our intended humility. We see ourselves in charge of our lives instead of God.

Being proud or confident are not sins in themselves, but when it causes us to believe we are better than others, we have a problem. We need to see these for what they are – gifts from God – and give thanks for them rather than use them to compare ourselves to others. Follow Christ’s humble example, using your gifts for God’s purposes, not our own.

Loving Lord, we are thankful for all Your many gifts. Help us to be good stewards of these blessings, using them to advance Your kingdom. Amen.

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