As humans we always seem to be looking for more – more money, more things, more attention. We believe that if we have more everything, life will be better somehow. The disciples asked Jesus to give them more faith, (Luke 17:5) which seems a reasonable goal, but Jesus uses their request to show them that more is not always what we should be seeking.

Jesus gives them a gentle rebuke, saying if their faith were only as big as a tiny mustard seed, great things could be accomplished. He explains that it is not a large faith that is needed, but a faith that works, an effective faith, a connection to the Lord that gives us the confidence to go and do what is required of us. Faith is not a commodity to be piled up like earthly goods to say “I have more than you”.

Faith is difficult to describe and perhaps that is why the disciples ask for more, if you don’t feel you have it, you must need an additional portion. Jesus teaches that faith is not something to have, but something to use. It is God’s gift in us to accept a relationship with Him that is unique in all of creation. Faith is trusting that God is constant and reliable, that we can be assured of His promise if we use our faith to do His will.

Loving Lord, we want to be in connection with You and all our brothers and sisters. Help us to be faithful servants, using the gifts we have been given for the good of Your kingdom. Amen.

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