In our scripture this week (Luke 16:1-13), Jesus has given us an example not to follow, the story of the dishonest manager. His lesson teaches us about our desire for money and material possessions, and the effect it has on our relationships with others and with God. He tells us plainly “You cannot serve both God and moneyā€¯ (verse 13).

Jesus shows us how worldly people behave, squandering the gifts they have been given and always wanting more than they have. He also warns against the kind of unethical behavior in which the manager and the rich man are engaged. He teaches that our greed comes between us and God, comparing it to trying to serve two masters and warning that we can choose only one.

When we choose to chase earthly wealth, power and success, we focus on these things and neglect our connection to the Lord. God wants us to be happy and successful, but He also want us to see that everything we have is a gift from Him to be used well for the good of His kingdom. When we put ourselves first, we fail to be good stewards of our resources and we miss out on the joy of a loving relationship with God and our brothers and sisters. Don’t let the temporary satisfaction of wealth here keep you from the eternal joy that awaits us as His faithful servants!

Gracious God, we are thankful for all the richness You provide and for the opportunity to be part of Your work in creation. Help us to see that our gifts and wealth are not something to be selfishly kept for ourselves but kingdom treasure to be used for the good of all Your children. Amen.

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