In our scripture lesson this week (Luke 15:1-10), Jesus has taught about repentance, acceptance and our obligation to help those who are lost make the choice to return to God. He gave us the example of fellowship with those who may not be part of our circle or even our society. We are called to welcome all God’s children who need to be reconnected.

He showed in His parables the importance of going out to find those that are lost. We can’t just sit back and wait for them to wander past. He said to go and make disciples, a command to engage others, an active ministry which seeks those who are separated and shares God’s love.

Be the model of His love today and every day. Show others the joy of a relationship with God and how He continues to change our lives. God works through us and we are blessed by our obedience to His call.

Gracious God, we are thankful for the gift of ministry, our charge to engage and love the world. Help us to seek those who need to be found and give them hope. May our efforts in Your name bring them back to You. Amen.

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