In the same way, those of you who do not give up everything you have cannot be my disciples.
Luke 14:33

Jesus teaches us that following Him will be the most important commitment we will ever make. He shows us many examples of what we must be willing to do in order to fulfill this. We are taught that we must be willing to give up material possessions, relationships and be ready to undergo hardship in order to be His disciples.

Jesus doesn’t wish for us to be sad, lonely or hurting, but He knows that giving up the things of this world and following Him is the only way we can receive eternal life. Sometimes letting go of things that make us happy is hard, even if they are things that are not always good for us. Jesus calls us to see that the temporary pain of loss is far outweighed by the joy of being together with Him forever.

Are you ready to give up earthly things to focus on what God has to give you next? The saying “you can’t pick up new gifts unless you drop what you’re already holding” is often true. Drop the baggage that keeps you attached to things that won’t matter in eternity and reach out for the blessings God has waiting for you!

Gracious God, we often miss the things You have to give us because we are preoccupied with our own desires and issues. Help us to see the wonderful future You have planned for us if we give up our own will and follow Yours. Amen.

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