In our scripture this week (Luke 11:1-13), Jesus is teaching the disciples a variety of lessons. On the surface, it’s about their request that He teach them to pray. On a deeper level, He shares a way to grow closer to God through group and personal conversations.

He also teaches that prayer is a gift in itself, given that we might share with God, and hear His response. Prayer is a tool that allows us to be part of corporate worship with God’s people as well as speaking directly to Him alone. In those days, as in some cases still, it was necessary to go through “channels”, various levels of different representatives, before you could gain access to the one in charge…if you could speak to them at all!

Communication with God isn’t like that – Jesus taught us that we can go to Him without the need for anyone else to relay our message. As His children, He has given us the gift of speaking to Him about anything, anytime and anywhere. Paul writes we are to pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:17), which sounds difficult but indicates the level of connection we are able to have with God. Use the direct line we have been given to be in relationship with Him always!

Gracious God, You not only allow but invite us to speak to You directly through prayer. Help us to use this wonderful gift effectively and often to maintain our relationship and share Your love among our brothers and sisters. Amen.

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