In our scripture for this week (Luke 10:38-42), Jesus has been teaching us about clarity, priority and urgency. He is visiting the home of friends, and the usual human activity goes on. Martha scurries around worrying about dinner preparation while Mary sits at Jesus feet, listening to His teaching.

Both have made a choice about their activity, as we are called to do each day. Mary is clear about her choice to listen to Jesus. Martha, because she is worried and distracted, is not clear in her thinking. We must ensure we base our actions on God’s Word and not on human things.

There are many things that compete for our attention. We have to prioritize our actions, giving time to those that are most important. Jesus told Martha that our busy lives can interfere with putting time with God first as we should.

Jesus doesn’t say so specifically, but it should be clear that there is urgency in His lesson. He teaches that the kingdom of God is at hand and it is up to us to be ready and share the Good News with everyone. He calls us to leave our earthly worries and distractions to be part of the heavenly work.

Gracious God, we are humbled and blessed to be called to serve You and each other. Help us to be intentional, that we may choose the better part, hearing Your word and taking it out to all people. Amen.

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