In this week’s Gospel lesson (Luke 10:1-11, 16-20), Jesus commissions and sends out a group of followers to go to the places He intends to visit. They are to “prepare the way of the Lord” as John the Baptist did, sharing the love of God with everyone. It is an awesome thing that He trusts them to be His representatives, sharing His story with others.

Our call as followers today is the same as it was for His followers then – to go into the world and let them know that Jesus is coming. God’s children still need to hear His message of love and forgiveness, perhaps now more than ever. How will we prepare the way of the Lord?

Let God provide for you as He did for them; as He always has. Take the story of Jesus with you everywhere, for that is where He intends to go. Tell it to everyone, for everyone is who He intends to save. Our mission is to share His truth by sharing the love He has given us with all the world.

Loving Lord, we are humbled that You choose us as Your people, called to be part of Your saving work. Here we are, Lord – send us! We go out in Your name. Amen.

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