Being God’s children, and brothers and sisters in Christ, we are expected to be responsible to God and each other. We have been shown God’s law and His love, now we must use both in our daily lives to reach out to the world. This is what we were made for!

God has shepherded us as His beloved creation since the very beginning, nurturing and teaching us. Our own willful temperament often leads us to sin, separating us from God, but in His mercy there is always forgiveness and welcome for our repentant return. We must learn to forgive and welcome back those who have wronged us.

God is patient with us, and we must be patient with ourselves and each other, seeing the growth that He intends, learning to follow Jesus and share His truth with everyone. We are the tools He uses to build His kingdom, blessed and called to His service.

Eternal God, we are grateful that You forgive our sins and want us back as Your children. Help us to give You praise in all we do, loving those around us because You love them, and showing the world the joy of life in connection with You. Amen.

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