Paul’s Letter to the Romans contains an amazing amount of teaching on a variety of important things. This week we have focused on the opening of Chapter 5, verses 1 through 5, which speak of being made right with God. This is essential for our relationship with Him, and our own well-being.

Have you ever been estranged from a family member or friend because of something that happened between you? In many of these situations, neither party wants to remain separated but neither is sure how to remedy the issue. That’s our human limitation. The offended party is afraid of being hurt again if they make the first move, the other is afraid of being refused forgiveness.

God isn’t bound by any human limitations, He is all loving and all knowing. God has been making the first move as the one who has been hurt by our words and actions, well aware that we might sin against Him again, but wanting to mend the relationship none the less.

We can rely on God’s everlasting love to be there for us, ready to forgive and renew our relationship when we return to Him. Unlike people, God will never hold a grudge and our connection will be as strong as the day He created us when we accept His forgiveness in faith.

Loving Lord, we come back to You with the sorrow of our sins, but You lift that burden from us and restore us to our place in Your family. Help us to show others that we are justified by our faith in You, and to share Your love with all the world. Amen.

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