In Acts 11:1-18 we hear Peter’s testimony to the disciples of being called to minister to a Roman soldier’s family. His fellow believers are upset because he seems to have broken a religious law that prohibited eating with those outside the faith. Peter explains the vision he was given from God to go there, that the Holy Spirit came upon them, and that he baptized them as Christ commanded. Then the disciples understand the salvation Jesus brought was for everyone, not just a select few.

We can find hope in this story that promises Jesus’ love for all, regardless of our heritage or how we have lived previously. God’s grace is given freely to the whole world and He calls us to repent, accept His forgiveness and to make sure everyone hears the wonderful truth of redemption. This is how God will bring back all His children, through His blessings being shared by them.

How amazing is it that God would want us as part of His plan to save the world! He loves us so much, and trusts us so much that we are empowered to share the Gospel with those we meet. This our faith “job description”, the call He places on our lives – that we tell everyone about our relationship with the Heavenly Father and that they can have the same connection themselves.

Gracious God, we are humbled that You would choose us to be Your children and Your representatives. Help us to share this joy by the way we live, that others might see a glimpse of You in us. Bless us as we go from praise and worship in Your church to do Your work in Your world. Amen.

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