I give them eternal life, and they will never perish. No one will snatch them out of my hand.
John 10:28

In this short statement, Jesus makes the most wonderful promise – we are His and He will bring us to eternal life. It is an amazing gift He offers, that our sins can be forgiven and we can be saved. No one else can make this promise; nothing else we can ever do will gain this for us. Jesus and Jesus alone is our salvation.

He promises that no one can ever take us away. By our own foolishness we can wander away, but if we cling to Him the power of evil cannot pull us back. As long as we live in Him and for Him, our souls are safe.

Jesus has made this promise to us, now what is our promise to Him? Without His love we are lost, but if we give Him our lives and follow His teaching, the powers of evil can never sweep us away! Let us stand on Christ, our solid rock.

Loving Lord, we are ever grateful for Your sacrifice that washes us clean and reunites us as Your family. May we be loving and obedient children, ready to do the work You give us. Amen.

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