The scripture for this week, Acts 9:1-20, teaches us many things. In this passage we again meet Saul, the persecutor of the early church, on the road to Damascus with authority to arrest those who follow Jesus. He experiences the presence of the risen Christ and is struck blind until the disciple Ananias prays for him to be restored. When he recovers, he becomes a follower of Jesus and begins to proclaim Christ boldly.

What do we learn from this teaching? First, the Lord can use anyone He chooses as a bearer of the Good News. Paul had no intention of becoming part of the movement he went to stamp out, he thought he was doing God’s work by opposing them. However, he was shown by Jesus Himself that his efforts were wrong and his life was changed by that knowledge.

We learn that Ananias was reluctant to go pray for this man who persecuted the church, and God teaches us that we are called to care for those we would rather not associate with, even those who work against us. Jesus told us to love our enemies and in this story we see that lived out through Ananias responding obediently.

God placed a call on Saul’s life just as He does on our lives. We were created in His image for a purpose – to love and praise Him, and share His love with everyone. May we listen and respond when the Lord calls us, ready to do His will with joy!

Loving Lord, we are grateful to be part of Your work here on earth, taking Your love and truth to all parts of Your creation. Help us to be bold disciples, ready to proclaim Your name wherever we are sent, and showing what a life dedicated to You means every day. Amen.

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