Daily Prayer 3/20/19

So those who think they are standing need to watch out or else they may fall. (1 Corinthians 10:12)

Paul writes a lot of straight talk to the church, but this verse is a warning we all need to heed – even those of us who consider ourselves upright need to watch out. As humans, we are vulnerable to temptation, often when we least expect it.

Paul says that we can be caught unaware if we focus on ourselves rather than God. The church in Corinth he wrote this to had become proud of how well (they thought) they were living. He reminds them (and us) that we can’t accomplish anything spiritual on our own and to think we have is to ignore God’s goodness to us.

Even when we feel our lives are going well and that we’re following the plan laid out for us, we must give God the glory, claiming none for ourselves. Only by His blessings do we grow in grace.

Heavenly Father, thank for for Your loving care that leads us to a relationship with You. Help us remember it is You who has made us and we can do nothing without You. Amen.

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