Daily Prayer 2/25/19

“We shall see Jesus, just as He is.” To those who followed Him, Jesus was teacher and friend. Yes, they’d seen Him walk on water, heal the sick, raise the dead and feed the multitudes, but He was still the carpenter from Nazareth who had called them to follow Him. Even so, they believed in Him as the Son of God, sent for our salvation.

How do we see Jesus? It’s harder for us who didn’t walk the hills of Galilee with the Apostles to “see” Him, but we all have a mental picture of Him, some influenced by paintings and illustrations from our Sunday School days, but all from our own experience. How do people who have never met Jesus see Him? Hopefully they see Him in us – in our loving words and caring actions. That’s the very best picture of Jesus we can offer, sharing His love and grace with everyone.

Lord Jesus, help us to be Your disciples to the world, showing them that God is love and that He wants all His people back as part of His eternal family. Amen.

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