“The voice of him that crieth in the wilderness ‘prepare ye the way of the Lord!’ Make straight in the desert a highway for our God!” Isaiah 40:3

I don’t really remember ever reading these words from the prophet Isaiah until my senior year in high school when I did the opening tenor solos for Handel’s “Messiah” and being surprised that they came from the Old Testament. I thought that only the New Testament talked about Jesus! Over the years I have found that there are many Old Testament references to the coming of God’s Chosen One. It’s interesting to note that this passage also tells us that we are responsible for being part of His coming, that we must prepare His way, and that it will require us to visit the deserts and wilderness places of this world.

This is both a wonderful opportunity and an awesome responsibility! Think about it – we have been called to be part of the roadcrew, helping to make God’s kingdom on earth a reality. Now, let’s not kid ourselves; God doesn’t need our help for anything! However, He graciously calls us to be part of what He is doing, to participate in the sharing of His Good News throughout our world.

God wanted to bring us back to Himself so much that He was willing to come to us in human form, to show us the path we must follow and teach us how to help build it for others. We read that the early church was known as the Way, showing us all this wonderful road to salvation from God!

Loving Lord, as we wait in joyful anticipation for Your coming among us, help us to continue on the Way, Your followers and by Your grace, partners in building the highway.

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