It’s Not Ours

As the dominant life form on earth, we tend to have a pretty high opinion of ourselves and our acomplishments. Part of this is in line with God’s plan – Genesis 1:28 tells us God said “have dominion over every living thing that moves upon the earth”. Unfortunately, we have taken that to extremes, often applying it to each other in our struggle to control virtually everything. We forget a very basic fact – it’s not ours!

God created human beings to manage the earth for Him, not turn it into a private playground for our pleasure and profit. We are caretakers, tenants; not the owners and certainly not the creator! Our technology has enabled us to do almost anything, but we forget that the skills, intelligence and every natural resource we have are gifts from God, not something we have made ourselves. There’s an old joke about a scientist having a conversation with God:

Scientist:”We have gotten to the point with our science that we can create things just like you do.”

God: “Is that so? How about a creating contest then?” (God reaches down and picks up a handful of dirt)

The scientist looks around and also grabs a handful of dirt, only to have God knock it out of his hand.

God: “Sorry, you have to go make your own dirt out of nothing the way I did!”

Sound a little farfetched? Perhaps, but we need some perspective here – without God’s blessing of creation, nothing, including us, would exist! Today, let’s give the glory to God where it belongs and not lift ourselves so high. God values the things we learn and do in His creation, but it all belongs to Him.

Loving Lord, we thank You for everything…and that means everything. Without You we have nothing and are nothing. Help us to use Your gifts wisely to make a better world for all, and to share the love You send with everyone.

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